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CocoSign is an online signing service helping you sign and send documents, track signing progress and collect electronic signatures. It is fast, secure, and easy-to-use. With this esign tool, you can create your own signature and get documents signed whether by yourself or by others.

CocoSign has helped thousands of SMBs and professionals get rid of the traditional signing process and sign documents effortlessly and quickly in a paperless way. It’s also effective in reducing turnaround time and improving work efficiency.

If you’re interested, experience it with our 14-day free trial. We have prepared flexible and affordable plans for your business. Join us and let CocoSign help you address paperwork with ease!

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What is CocoSign?

You can use our online signature generator tool or log in to your CocoSign account to edit your signatures. You can easily create an electronic signature with your CocoSign account:

  • Log in to CocoSign and go to the Dashboard.
  • Find 'Accounts' on the left menu and click 'Profile'.
  • You’ll see the Signature & Initials bars. Now you can add or edit your signature or initials and add it to your documents.

How do I create an electronic signature?

CocoSign offers easy, quick, and safe solutions to sign documents online. Here is how:

  • Sign up and log in to CocoSign.
  • Hit 'Start Signing' below your ID and you’ll be navigated to the Dashboard page. Here are two options: Send for Signatures and Sign Yourself.
  • If you’re the only signer of your documents, select 'Sign Yourself' - upload your document - sign with one click!
  • If you want to involve other signing parties, hit 'Send for Signatures' - add document - fill in recipients - add fields - review - DONE!

How to sign documents online?

An electronic signature, or esignature, is a legal form of signature used on electronic documents or forms. It is no different from hand-written signatures so long as it complies with certain regulations required by some countries (e.g. European Union’s eIDAS). It is a fast, easy, and secure way to sign documents in virtual forms.

On the other hand, the digital signature, as a type of electronic signature, involves some extra validation of the signer’s identity. As it adheres to stricter laws, a digital signature is far more secure than an electronic signature. While all digital signatures are electronic signatures, not all electronic signatures are digital signatures.

An online signature is just another term for electronic signature.

What’s the difference between an online signature, electronic signature, and digital signature?

A wet signature is a physical form of signature, which is created with a pen or a seal on a piece of paper. It has been used for quite a long time in history and is still requested in some situations. While electronic and digital signatures are popular in a modernized world, the wet signature is still required by some organizations for contracts or other official purposes.

What is a wet signature and when is it required?

CocoSign integrates with several other applications and services to provide customers with a better signing experience. Not only can you upload your documents from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box, but also work on your signatures seamlessly with Google applications and Microsoft Word.

By installing Google applications, your signed documents can be automatically archived to Google Drive. Besides, you can get your documents signed faster using Google Docs and send your digital documents via Gmail with CocoSign apps. With a Microsoft 365 app, you’ll be able to skyrocket your work efficiency by signing directly on Microsoft Word or Excel.

Does CocoSign have any integration?

With top-level security and encryption, CocoSign is a 100% safe esignature service provider. Your personal information, documents, and data are well protected by a powerful firewall that can withstand any DDoS attack.

CocoSign uses the standardized data centers provided by Amazon. AWS is by far the most advanced data storage infrastructure adopted by businesses as well as governments. Besides, our military-grade encryption such as TLS 1.3 and AES-256 ensures that nobody except you can access your documents.

For user authentication, users can enable the Authentication Code feature so that your esigned files will not be accessed by irrelevant third parties.

If you’re still not sure about when and where your documents were accessed or who was involved, you can check the audit trail with details such as timestamp, email address, device IP, etc. If any unauthorized activity takes place, you’ll notice it and take actions immediately. What’s more, the audit trail history can be utilized as court evidence to protect your legal rights.

Check out our security overview page to know more about why you can trust CocoSign.

Is CocoSign secure?

Absolutely yes! The signatures you create with CocoSign are compliant with laws and regulations around the world, e.g.ESIGN Act, eIDAS, U.S. ESIGN act of 2000, UETA, and more. Along with that, CocoSign’s audit trail history ensures that you keep track of every signing activity, as it offers detailed information such as the signer’s IP address, timestamp, email address, etc. This can serve as legal evidence in court.

Are CocoSign’s eSignatures legally binding?

No. We never keep a record of users’ signatures or signed documents on our system or server. The security of data and customers’ privacy are our top priority. CocoSign guarantees that your private data is 100% safe and nobody except you can access your signature and documents.

Do you keep a record of my signature on your system?

Yes. The signature you create with our signature generator can be used for any electronic document. As long as both parties agree to sign a legal document in an electronic form ( e.g. an electronic contract or agreement), you can use the esignature made to signify your consent.

Can I use this signature maker tool for legal documents?

Yes, you can sign documents on your mobile devices such as cell phone or tablet exactly like what you do on your computer with CocoSign. All you need to do is just open your mobile web browser and find CocoSign’s homepage through Google search or type in After logging in, you can esign on your mobile phone or iPad easily and fastly, anytime and anywhere.

Can I sign documents on mobile devices and how?

There are two options when it comes to signing documents on Mac. The first one would be to use the Preview feature to sign a PDF, but the procedure is quite complicated. If you don’t mind, you can follow the steps: open a PDF file for Preview - click the Markup coin, then the ‘Signature’ button - ‘Create a signature from’ - Select Click here to begin / Camera. Then you can sign your documents using the draw signature on the trackpad or an image taken by camera.

But if you need to sign a lot of documents frequently, it’s better to use a platform like CocoSign. You can create a signature, edit, and send it on your Mac and it’s way more convenient and efficient. Your CocoSign electronic signature will have the same legal power as your physical one, and you can save a lot of time using the esign service provider.

Can I sign documents on Mac and how?

If you are the one preparing the document and requesting others to sign, you will find CocoSign extremely user-friendly and helpful. Once you have created a document, go over it again and make sure it’s as clear and well organized as possible, as you may want to use it as a template again without spending too much time reviewing it. This is particularly important for contracts or agreements.

If you want to send a request to get electronic signatures from others, you need to take the following steps:

  • After logging in, select ‘Start Now’ or ‘Send for Signature’.
  • Upload a document to be signed from your computer or cloud devices.
  • Add the recipients’ names and emails, you can send each of them a private message or enable the authentication code.
  • Insert signature fields, and check the document.
  • Click ‘Next’ and review, you can change the email subject or send a message to everyone. In the setting part, you may urge the recipients to sign faster by setting a completion time and sending reminders. You can also customize your branding to impress signers.
  • Click ‘Send’ to complete the signing process.

How to send a request for an electronic signature?

Embedding a signature into your Word document takes a few steps. Here is what you need to do:

  • Create a handwritten signature on a piece of paper.
  • Scan and save it to your computer.
  • Click the ‘Insert’ tab, select ‘Pictures’.
  • Select a signature image and embed it in the right place of a document.
  • Save the changes.

However, there’s another way you can insert your signature in a Word document quickly and easily. You can install a CocoSign Microsoft 365 app and associate your CocoSign account with your Word. Then, you can sign your Word document effortlessly in a few seconds!

How to insert a signature in a Word document?

Creating documents from a template in CocoSign is quite easy. After logging in, head to Templates, select the target template and click on the ‘Use’ button beside the Operating menu. Then you can add recipients to create a document and send it to others for signing. If the document only involves a single signing role, you can also hit ‘Create Signing Link’ on the Operating menu and send the template document directly to the recipient for signing.

How to create a document from a template and send it to someone for signing?

You can make changes to a draft document you have uploaded to CocoSign. You can change the recipients, signing fields and position, etc before you send them to persons you’re working with. Follow the simple steps below to edit your sign documents:

  • Log in to your CocoSign account and head to the Dashboard.
  • You can find your uploaded files in the ‘Documents’ section on the left menu.
  • Click the 'Draft' tab and select the document you want to make changes to.
  • Now you can use the editor on the right side and change the signing details.

How to make changes to a document I uploaded before?

Your signed documents will not expire even if they are not downloaded. You can still see them in the ‘Document’ section on your Dashboard. But once you unsubscribe from CocoSign, you can only view the documents, and cannot edit, download or send the documents.

Will my signed documents expire if I don’t download them?

You can enable the Authentication Code feature to protect your documents. After uploading the document, you’ll come to the adding recipients page. On the right side of the blanks, there is a key icon. Click the icon to activate this feature, then the recipient will have to enter the authentication code received in email when accessing your document link.

How do I encrypt my documents for others to sign?

No. Currently, the authentication code can only be sent to the recipient’s email address. It’s also for your convenience. You don’t need to type in the phone number of the recipient while ensuring the safety of your document.

Can you send the authentication code by text messages?

By default, a reminder will be sent to the recipient’s email every 3 days. But you can customize the sending interval in settings when sending the document.

How do I set the time for sending reminders?

The invited user might not check the email and confirm the invitation. To deal with it, you can select ‘resend invitation’ from the dropdown menu of ‘Action’ and remind the new member to check the email and sign up CocoSign for activation.

I have added a new user to my team, why is it still pending?

No. There’s no need for the signers to log in to receive the document copy. After all the signature procedures are completed, a final PDF copy of the signed document will be sent to all signers.

Do signers need to log in to receive the signed document copy?

Yes. Adding a brand logo on your documents can cultivate brand awareness among your employees, business partners or vendors. Users who subscribe to our business or advanced plans can enjoy our branding service. After logging in, find the branding editor following Dashboard - Account - Brands, then you can upload your brand logo and make other changes as you like.

Does CocoSign support branding?

Editing templates on your CocoSign account is fast and easy:

  • Click ‘Templates’ on the Dashboard to access your templates.
  • Find the ‘Operating’ tab and select ‘Edit’ from the dropdown menu.
  • Now you can edit the signing order, template roles, fields, settings, etc.

How to edit the templates?

Yes. You can create folders to categorize your documents. On the left-side menu of your Dashboard, there is a ‘Folders’ tab. Click the ‘+’ icon and you can create as many folders as you wish.

Can I create a folder to categorize my sign documents?

Yes. CocoSign has a powerful documents search feature. You can search any uploaded documents in the ‘Documents’ section of your Dashboard. On the right top of the documents page, there is a search bar. Fill out any content you’re looking for, and CocoSign will find the document for you.

Can I search the documents that I’ve uploaded?

If you’re looking to send a document to more than one person, you can try the following 3 methods:

Add recipients: After uploading a document, click the ‘+’ icon on the right side of the first recipient’s details, fill out their email addresses and names, and the document will be sent simultaneously to these people with a signing request. You can also add signing steps so that different recipients will receive the document in a sequence.

Bulk send: Find this feature at Dashboard - Documents - Bulk Send. Click ‘Add Bulk Send’ and upload the file to be signed by other people. Then, you can manually add the recipients’ email or name or upload a csv. or xlsx. document with the recipients list. Add fields and review, done!

Create Signing Link: If your document needs to be signed by more than one person and it only involves a single signing role (e.g. an HR contract needs to be signed by a number of new employees), you can try CocoSign’s template signing link feature. Select a document from Templates, click ‘Create Signing Link’ from the dropdown menu of Operating. Then you can copy the link and send it to the signers via other platforms.

For more details, refer to our bulk document sending page.

How do I send a document to multiple signers?

Yes. If you want to withdraw a sent document, you can void the document before your recipients sign. After logging in, find the sent document in Dashboard - Documents, select ‘Void’ from the dropdown menu of ‘Action’. You can fill out the cancellation reason or just leave it blank, then the recipients will receive an email with the voided notice.

Can I cancel the sign document before the recipients sign?

By default, the expiry date of a document is 30 days. But you can change and set a date as you wish on the Review and Send page. After uploading the documents, adding recipients, and embedding sign fields, click ‘Next’ and you’ll come to the final step of sending the document out. Below ‘More setting’, you can set the expiry date yourself.

How to set the expiry date?

No, once the email is sent, there’s no way you can edit the signers’ emails. However, we suggest resending the document by creating a copy. You can edit the recipients by Dashboard - Documents - Action - Create a copy, so that you don’t have to upload the document and edit the fields again.

Can I change the recipients’ emails after sending the signing invitation?

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