Sign Yourself

CocoSign provides direct access to inserting your own electronic signature on a document and adding fields like date, address, email, etc. By using the Sign Yourself feature, you can get your PDF and other document types signed digitally without printing out.

Signing a document yourself is fast and easy on CocoSign. Here’s a simple guide for how to eSign documents yourself:

To get started, click the Sign Yourself icon on your dashboard, or click START NOW on the left-side menu.

Step 1: Add Documents

Note: Tick I’m the only signer if you enter from the START NOW button.

You can add your document in 3 ways:

a) Upload or drop a file from your computer, cellphone, or other e-device;  

b) Pick a document from your Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive account.

c) Copy and paste the URL of an online document

If you’ve subscribed to a business plan, you can upload multiple files and sign them simultaneously. You may drag and alter the sequence of the files if needed.

After choosing the intended file(s), click Next to continue.

Step 2: Add Fields

You will see the document displayed on the Add Fields page (Click Previous Step if you need to change to another document). On the right-side panel, you may drag and drop the Signature field wherever it is required in the document. 

When inserting the signature field, a window will pop up as below. This enables you to manage your saved signatures. You can choose a signature and click the upper-right button to edit or delete it.

To create a new signature, click the bottom-left button. There are 3 ways you can create an electronic signature: typing, drawing or uploading

1) Type: Enter your full name and change its font, size, color, slope, slant, etc.

2) Draw: Choose a color and draw a signature yourself, and custom the width, slope as you like.

3) Upload: Choose a signature image less than 500KB from your device and edit it.

Besides the Signature field, you will also find the following fields useful:

  • Initials: The first letter of your name
  • Name: Auto-filled full name in typed form
  • Company: Name of your company
  • Title: Your job title or position
  • Address: The address of your company or your home
  • Date: Auto-filled date of the day
  • Email: Auto-filled email address you signed up with
  • Text: Enter any text you want to add. When edited, it can be saved as a custom field.
  • Checkbox: Insert checkboxes for multiple options.

After embedding a field in the document, you can click it to customize the font, size, color, location, and more. 

Step 3: Complete & Download/Share

Click Complete and your document is successfully signed. Click Check my document and you’ll be navigated to the document management page where you can select other actions. Or you can click Download to save the copy, or choose Email to share your document with others.

Note: If you choose Email, you will be asked to fill out the email address and message. You can enter as many email addresses as you wish. Different email addresses should be separated by comma and space.

Now that everything is clear about how to sign documents yourself, why not try it yourself? Head to your dashboard and get started now!

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