How Do I Customize Field Formatting?

Customizing the field formatting allows users to edit how the different fields added to the document will appear on the recipients’ end. This feature is a valuable tool that differentiates various fields and customizes your documents better before sending them to signers.

How Do I Customize Field Formatting on CocoSign 

1. Once you have uploaded your document to be signed, navigate to the Add Fields step after the Add Documents and Add Recipients steps.  

2. Drag any field from the right toolbar to wherever you want it to be displayed in the document. Below is a list of default fields.

  • Signature: signature created by typing, drawing, or uploading
  • Initials: the capital letters that begin each word of a name
  • Name: auto-filled full name in typed format
  • Email: auto-filled email address which you used to sign up with CocoSign
  • Company: company name
  • Title: your job title or position
  • Address: company address or home address
  • Date: auto-filled date of the day
  • Attachment: upload documents from your device. PDF, Word, jpg., png., etc are supported
  • Text: type in any contents you want to be displayed in the document, which can be saved as a custom field

3. Click on a specific field you want to format. You may adjust the Scale to resize the field. You can also change its position by changing the number of pixels from left and top or by simply dragging it. 

4. You can get back to the previous state of what you are editing by clicking the Undo icon on the top toolbar or using the shortcut key Ctrl Z. To reverse your last Undo, then click the Redo icon or Ctrl+Shift+Z / Ctrl+Y.

5. If you wish to create a custom field that is reusable on future documents, you need to drag the field Text to the document and then click it to customize. You can edit the name of the field and specify content to be displayed for a targeted signee for reference. Click Save As Custom Field to save the field and it will appear in the list under Custom Field.6. Send your document once satisfied.

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