How Do I Set Reminders?

There are times when your signers delay signing. Do you have to phone, email, or text them to chase them down for signatures now and then? What if you forget to remind them and miss deadlines? Pains in the neck. But we can help you out. CocoSign provides a handy tool for its users to send automatic and manual reminders to recipients, ensuring that the shared document does not get lost in recipients' inboxes. Read on to find out how. 

How Do I Set Automatic Reminders on Shared Documents?

Auto-reminders are reminders that are scheduled by users before sending out the document and sent out by CocoSign at set intervals. Your signees will get reminded in an efficient manner without any effort on your part.

1. In the final Review and Send stage of document sending, click on More Setting to reveal a time and reminder option. Enter the frequency of days you desire to send the reminder to your recipient. 

2. Click Send to share a document with a reminder to your recipient. 

3. Once sent, your recipients will receive a notification on their email in no time. Before the expiry and completion of the document, reminders will be sent out to those who haven’t signed the document yet automatically at a preset interval.

Note: If you have set a signing order previously, the reminder will also be sent in that order.

How Do I Send Manual Reminders on Shared Documents?

Manual reminders are sent by users themselves after the document is sent. If a signature request becomes urgent unexpectedly but someone hasn't signed yet, you can send the reminder manually to let your signer act on the document quickly. 

1. Go to Dashboard, click Document and choose Waiting for others.

2. Locate a project which you want to remind your recipients to sign. Click More and choose Send Reminder from the drop-down list. 

Or hover over the icon under the Status tab, and click Send Reminder.

3. Click Send Reminder.

Note: The reminder will only be sent to those who haven’t finished signing your document. If you have customized the signing sequence before sending out the file, then the reminders will also be sent to them in order, rather than simultaneously.

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