What Is a Signing Order and How Do I Set It Up?

To legalize a lease contract, the estate agent must ensure that the tenants sign the lease first before handing it over to the landlord to finalize the document. This tedious task, if repeated, may drag down your overall efficiency and consume much time. But with CocoSign’s signing sequence feature, you can automate the mundane once and for all.

A signing order refers to the sequence in which participants on your document need to sign it. By setting up such an order, CocoSign will automatically ensure person B can only sign a document after person A signs, and so on. 

How to Set Up a Signing Order on CocoSign

1. Upload a document to be sent, and navigate to the Add Recipients tab on your document and add your recipients’ details.

2. To create a signing order, you need to hit the + Add Recipients tab to add second or more signers.

3. Check the option Custom signing order and your recipients will have to sign in succession. For example, the second recipient will not receive your signature request until the first recipient signs.

Note: The document received by the second signer will include the signature of the former signer.

4. To change the sequence at will, simply drag the recipient details up and down.

5. Proceed to edit your document fields before sending.

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