How Do I Cancel an Invite?

When your signature request is still awaiting recipients’ responses, you are allowed to cancel it at any time. All you need is simply to void the document.

Canceling an Invite:

1. Click Documents on the left navigation panel of your screen.

2. Look for the necessary document and tap the More drop-down under the Action column. From the drop-down, click Void to cancel the invitation to the specific document.

3. The Void document window will pop up. Enter your reason for canceling the invite.

4. Click Void and the document will be revoked successfully. 
Note: Recipients who have completed your signature request will be notified of your reason for voiding the document. And those who haven’t signed yet will be denied access to it.   

No more worrying that you cannot terminate a contract at will. Follow the steps above to revoke your uncompleted signature request.

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