Sign from CocoSign Dashboard

If you already have a CocoSign account, you don’t need to go through the hassles of checking your email inbox and entering the authentication code. Just log in to your account and sign directly from your CocoSign dashboard. It’s easier, faster, and more secure than signing from email.

Although documents that require you to sign will arrive at your email inbox anyway, you can just take it as a reminder and head to your CocoSign dashboard after checking the email message.

How to Sign from CocoSign Dashboard

Step 1: Access the Document

You can find the document sent by others directly from the dashboard page and click Awaiting My Signature:

You can also access from the left-side menu, and locate the document from Documents - I Need to Sign:

You can check the file name and the recipient details to confirm if it is the document requiring your signature. You can also view the drop-down menu under More to choose other actions for better document management.

Click the document name or the Sign Now icon under Status to access the document.

Step 2: Fill & Sign

As you access the document, you will be required to read the disclosure and agree to the terms. Tick the box and click Continue.

Fill out the required fields one by one. You can check how many fields you need to fill from the notice at the upper-left corner.

Click the Signature field and you can choose to type or draw a signature, or upload an image of your written signature. You’re also able to create new signatures or customize the existing ones as you like.

Then you can continue to complete other fields like date, address, text, email, etc. 

Step 3: Complete Signing or Decline

After all the fields are filled and reviewing the document, you can click COMPLETE to finish signing.

After successfully completing the document, you will be navigated to your Documents page. And the status of the document you just signed will become Completed.

If any mistake is found in the document or due to any reason you need to quit signing the document, you can click Other - Decline.

Once you choose Decline, the document will actually be voided and all other signing activities will be disabled. If there are other signers, they will not be able to view and sign the cancelled document, but will receive a notification email. 

You can fill out the reason for declining the document at the pop-up window. Other signers will be notified of the reason in the email.

Benefits of Signing from CocoSign Dashboard

Compared with signing from email and the signing link, signing documents from your CocoSign dashboard has the following advantages:

1) Fast. When accessing the document from your dashboard, you don’t need to enter the authentication code like you did from email, because your identity is verified as you log in to your CocoSign account. This way, you can save the time and effort of entering the authentication code in your email. 

2) Secure. You can check the real-time update of your document at Status and the audit trail history at Action - More, so that you can detect any irrelevant activity and validate signing data such as timestamp, email address, device IP, and more. You can decline to sign the document if any unexpected activity ever happened to the document.

3) Easy for document management. On CocoSign dashboard, you can view any document that is waiting for you to sign and deal with them altogether. Every document is presented in a clear way so you won’t mess things up. After signing the document, you can file it into other folders, create a copy, save the document as a template, and more.

Now that you have learned how to sign documents from CocoSign dashboard and what you can benefit from it, it’s time to try it yourself. Sign your documents with CocoSign now! 

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