How to Create a Document Signing Link

Normally, if you send out a document signing request, it will reach your recipient’s email address. But what should you do when your clients complain that they can’t find the signature request email? Resending the request takes time and might not work as expected, so we are presenting you another fast and simple approach: Generate Signing Link.

You can check out the Signing Link feature page for more information about this feature. But basically it is developed to address problems associated with email clients. The signing link can be shared via another communication system and let your recipients sign as they do via email. 

After you send a document for signature, you can create a signing link and send it to your recipients following the steps below:

Step 1: Go to Documents - Waiting for Others and locate the document you intended to send. 

Step 2: Click on More under Actions, and select Generate Signing Link.

Step 3: Confirm the name and email address of the recipient, then click the Generate Signing Link button and copy the link address.

Step 4: Share the link via any alternative SMS application with the signer and get your document signed. 

Note: Make sure you get the right contact of your signer, in case your document is accessed by an irrelevant third person.

Copy and paste the link on any web browser, your signer can gain access to your document they do in email. Wanna bring convenience to your signer? Start to create a signing link yourself now! 

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