How to Sign in Person with CocoSign

Note: This feature is only available for Business Plan users. Upgrade to enable In-person Signing now.

When meeting your business partners, clients, employees, or anyone who is getting in a contract or agreement with you face to face, the fastest way to finalize the paperwork is to use CocoSign’s In-Person Signing feature
This feature can cut turnaround time by 90% as it helps remove the prolonged document printing, delivery, and waiting process. By getting your agreements signed at the spot, you can also verify the signers’ identity and ensure absolute security of your documents.
To get started, we suggest you prepare an iPad or tablet so that your clients can sign easily with a stylus pen or their fingers.  
After both sides confirm what the deal is about and agree to sign, use CocoSign’s In-person Signing feature to eSign your document following our step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Choose a Template

After logging in, click Templates at the left-side panel of your dashboard. After determining which template you’re going to use, click More and select Sign in Person.

If you haven’t prepared any template yet, click Add template to upload a document, assign roles, add fields, save and get it signed in person. Learn more about how to create a reusable document signing template with our detailed guide.    

Step 2: Guide Your Guest to Sign 

You can rename the document you’re signing. By adding the client’s name or the signing date, you can keep a record of it and find the document easily whenever needed. Click Confirm to proceed.

Depending on what the document is for, the roles of both sides will be set in advance. The signing order can be predetermined when you’re making the template. Generally, you should let your customers sign first out of courtesy. Have them confirm their role and click in to sign.

The signer will be requested to fill out his/her name and email address. You can verify his/her identity and double check the information if needed. After confirming the information, hit Continue to sign.

The signer will see the full document and what parts he/she has to fill or sign. Let the signer complete all required fields. 

After all fields are filled, the message “You have completed this document” will be displayed at the top-right corner. Click Complete once all signing details have been confirmed.

After clicking complete, you will be told that the final document copy will be sent to your email once all signers have completed the in-person signing procedure. Click Continue to Next Signer to go to the next step.

Step 3: Sign Yourself

Now that your customer has finished signing, it’s your turn to let him/her witness your signing process. Click the other role waiting to sign.

Enter your own information and tap the blue button Continue to sign.

Fill out all the necessary fields and click Complete once you’re done with it.

As you can see in the pop-up window, you will receive the final PDF copy of the signed document as well. You can click Download to print the document or choose back to Documents to view it.

Leave no room for uncertainty, sign in person with CocoSign now! Simply have the client sign on the same device as you do, then you get to enjoy peace of mind that this deal is finally settled. 

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