How to Refuse a Signature Request

Refusing a signature request sent by CocoSign users is very simple. Whether you have a CocoSign account or not, you can decline to sign the document when you find an error in it or any unfavorable circumstance occurs. 

Choose from the following 2 means to decline a signature request:

Decline Signing from Email

When a document is sent to you for signing, you will receive an email with the sender’s information and the document’s name. If you don’t know about the sender or you’re not notified in advance, you can just ignore the email. 
But if you have been informed about it, just click Start Signing to access the document. 

You might be navigated to an authentication page if the sender requires verification of your identity. All you need is return to your inbox and open the authentication code email. You will see a six-digit code, copy it.

Paste the code on the authentication page, and click Confirm. Be noted that the authentication code should be entered within 60 seconds, or you’ll need to click Resend code to obtain a new code.

You will be able to access the document after entering the correct authentication code. Click the I agree to the use of electronic records and electronic signatures box and click Continue.

You should review the document carefully in case there is something you don’t agree with. If you decide to refuse the signature request, click Other next to the Complete button, and select Decline.

The Decline window will be displayed with a note reminding you that all signing activities will be disabled and the document will be revoked. If there are other recipients who haven’t signed, they cannot view or sign the voided document. 
You can fill out the reason for declining the document or just click the red Decline button. All recipients will receive a voided notification email along with the reason for declining.

After clicking Decline, you will be informed that both the sender and recipients have been emailed about your decision. You may leave this website or click Got it and visit via the blue button.

Refuse to Sign from CocoSign Dashboard

You can find any document awaiting your signature on your CocoSign dashboard. After logging in to CocoSign, click Documents at the left-side panel and select I Need to Sign. Click the document name or the Sign Now icon to access the document.

Likewise, you’ll need to tick the disclosure agreement box to continue. 

To refuse signing, click Other - Decline.

The same notice will pop up in case you’re not aware about the consequence. Explain your reason for rejection or click Decline directly. 
You will get a notice that all parties have been emailed about your decline action. Click Got it.

Click Close at the upper-right corner, then the page will be closed. 

If you’re confused about how to refuse a signature request from CocoSign users, just use the above-mentioned methods. It only takes you 1 minute to decline signing. Try it out now!

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