Check Audit Trail and History

When you are in charge of a large number of documents, it is easy to lose track of what has been changed, when and by whom. The Audit Trail and History function on CocoSign is perfect for keeping tabs on all signing activities done to every signature request. You can now have peace of mind knowing that you are staying on top of your documents. The biggest plus? The logs can count as court evidence. Take a look at the Audit Trail and History feature page for more.

Step-By-Step Guide To Find Your Document's History

1. Click on Documents and locate the document that you wish to find the history for. Please note that you can only use this function on a document that is working in progress.

2. Click on More and a drop-down menu will appear. Select Audit Trail and History.

3. And voila! Your document's history is at your fingertips!

How To Read Your Document's History

Once you find your document's history, a window is going to pop up titled Document Details. Below is all the information that you will find in this window.

1. Information about the document - At the very top of the History window, you are going to find information about the document, including its name, unique ID, the date and time when it was created, as well as the status of the document (whether it is being processed or has completed processing).

2. Information about the sender and signers - The document's history will also contain the email address of the sender and the signers.

3. Information about the event - You will also find a list of events related to the document (such as who created, viewed, signed or rejected the document). 

4. Server time and IP address - The history also keeps a record of the time in which each event occurred and the IP address used to perform the event. 

Using this information, you can now track your document from the moment it was uploaded to the moment where it has received all its signatures! 

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