How to Use Bulk Send

There are situations where you need to send the same document to a large group at once. HR managers sometimes need to distribute updated Employee Policies to employees. And subscription business owners may need to get their updated terms of use signed by all customers. In cases that could involve stacks of tedious paperwork, you can use the bulk send feature in CocoSign. Check out the Bulk Send feature page for more details.
The bulk send feature enables you to send one or more documents with the same signing fields to a bulk of recipients in one go and to track the status of documents sent to bulk recipients. Read on to find out how.
Note: You can pilot a bulk send to a small group of test recipients before sending out a bulk send, which can help you catch any potential errors.

How to Send Documents to Multiple Recipients Simultaneously

1. Sign in to your account. In the Documents section of the dashboard, choose Bulk Send. Then Click the Bulk Send button to start the process.

2. Upload your documents. You can drag and drop or choose from your device, or import from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can also enter the document URLs. 
Note: Similar to the regular procedure of file uploading for signature in CocoSign, you can upload multiple files and adjust their order as needed. Supported file types are PDF, Word (Doc, Docx), JPG, and PNG.

Once done, click Next.
3. Create a CSV or Excel file to upload your recipients’ names and email addresses. 
 1) Click csv or xlsx to download a sample file. The file will be saved in your browser’s default Downloads folder unless you specify otherwise.

If you choose to enter your recipients’ information instead of importing a list of signers, click the Quick Add option in the upper right corner. 
If you already have a CSV or Excel file that you’d like to adjust and upload, please refer to the file template below, which will help you understand the required format. When done, simply click the Upload button to import your recipients.
 2) Open the downloaded file in the application of your choice, delete the data in rows 2-3 (the sample names and email addresses), enter your recipients’ information. Both the name and email address are required and need to be provided. When done, save the file.

Note: With the bulk send feature you can send a request for signature to up to 100 signers at once. You can't use the same email address for different recipients. 
 3) Click Upload to upload your saved CSV or Excel file.

 4) The recipients’ information will be displayed on the page that appears where you can verify the recipient details. You may also add additional recipients by clicking Add a row. The Clear all and re-import option allows you to discard the current list of signers and re-import recipients. 

 5) If you wish to make changes to a recipient’s name or email address, locate the recipient and click the icons right next to their information. And if you need to remove a recipient, click X to the right.

When all details have been verified, hit Save and continue.
4. Proceed to add signing fields for your recipients with the control panel on the right.  Drag and drop desired fields onto your document. Click the fields you added to the document to adjust their sizes and positions. To learn more about customizing their formatting, click here.
  • Add a minimum of one field for the signers. All signers are assigned the same signing fields. 
  • You can either sign the document first within the bulk send before sending it out for signature or send a bulk send without pre-filling data. 

When satisfied, click Next.
5. On the page that appears, you can preview your document, enter a document name, leave a note for your recipients, set a deadline for signing the document, send a reminder to your recipients or customize your signing invite. Once you are finished, click Send.

Once you execute the bulk send, it can take some time to send the documents to everyone on the list, especially if your bulk list has a lot of entries.

How to Track the Status of Documents Sent in Bulk

1. Select Bulk Send from the drop-down menu of Documents on the home page. Locate the document you would like to track from the list of documents displayed and you can see the status of the bulk sending job. To view details, click the document. 

2. The resulting screen displays the signing status for each recipient on the bulk list. Hover over the recipients to track them at every stage of the signing process. You can identify exactly when each document is received, viewed, and signed. 

Once a recipient has signed the copy, both you and the signer will receive a copy of the signed PDF. The recipients will not receive a copy of other recipients’ signed documents. 

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