How to Create Templates

Do you find yourself sending out the same document, like a non-disclosure agreement or employment contract, for signature over and over again? Streamline your workflow by creating a template. 

The template feature in CocoSign allows you to create a standard document with set recipients roles and signing fields, which you can save for reuse in the future. By eliminating manual processes, thus reducing errors, reusable templates also make it easier for you to ensure standardized workflows across individuals and teams.

1. Log into your CocoSign Account and open the Templates page. Click Add template

2. Add documents to your template in the following three ways.
  • Upload files from your computer or other devices by clicking Choose File or simply dragging and dropping them to the corresponding area.
  • Upload files from one of our integrations: Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.
  • Copy and paste document URLs by clicking URL
Note: CocoSign supports PDF, Word (Doc, Docx), JPG, and PNG formats. If you’ve uploaded multiple files, you may drag and alter the sequence of the files at will.

When finished, hit Next to proceed.
3. Add the recipient roles to the template. 
  • You assign roles rather than named persons, as it’s likely your recipients and signers will change every time you use the template.
  • You can assign as many roles on a template as you need. 
  • If you want the document to be signed in order, you can select Custom signing order and drag the recipient information up and down to adjust the signing order.
Note: If you have customized the signing order, a recipient role will receive the document only when all the previous roles are finished signing it.

4. Select the signing action for the recipient role. Example: Needs to Sign.

5. Click the Mail button you wish to include some private notes for the recipient. The notes are only visible to the specified recipient. If you want an authentication code to be emailed to the recipients which they use to access the document, click the Key button. 

Once you are done filling in all the information, click Next
6. Assign fields for each recipient role.
a) In the page guide on the left, select a page you would like to tag with fields. The selected page becomes the active page and displays in the center panel.

b) In the roles list in the upper right corner, select a person to add fields for. If you want to prefill document fields, select Me (Prefill). You can use the Edit Signers option in the roles list to edit details, or add or remove recipients.

c) From the control panel on the right, click and drag one of the available field types to place it where you want the signers to fill it out.

Note: The Attachment field is only available in the Business Edition. To upload an attachment before sending the document out, place the Attachment field where you need it, then double click the field.
d) Click the field to adjust the size or the assigned recipient of a field, or delete the field.

When you are finished adding your fields, hit the button Next.

Note: You need to assign at least one field for every recipient role that needs to sign the document.
7. You may see a preview of the created template from the perspective of each recipient role by clicking the Preview button.

8. Enter a name for your template and a message (optional) for your signers. To set a reminder and expiration date, click More Setting.

9. Click Save Template to finish your template. 
Now your template is saved and ready to use. And you can find it in the Templates section of the dashboard. 

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