Add Seats

CocoSign calculates your subscription based on the amount of seats in your account. Each active team member will take up one seat. If you deactivate or delete members, their seats will become available for new members to fill in. But if you have used up all the seats available on your account, you need to purchase extra seats to invite more members. Keep reading to find out how to add a seat.

Step 1: In CocoSign’s left sidebar menu, click Account > Billing. 

Or hover over the avatar in the upper right corner and click Billing.

Step 2: Navigate to Seats and check if you still have unassigned seats. If you've already allocated all the seats you've purchased, then you need to click Add Seats to purchase another seat (if you wish).

Step 3: Enter the number of new seats you would like to purchase. Review the details of your bill, and then click Confirm to complete the purchase. You will be charged a prorated amount for each new seat added.

Step 4: Now you can assign the seat(s) you just purchased to your new member(s). All you need to do is navigate to Team > +Add User. 

Easy as that! Follow the steps above to add seats in CocoSign now!

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