Manage Your Account Settings

In CocoSign’s account settings section, you can update your basic information, change your password, enable 2-Factor verification, select an appropriate time zone, view your account’s recent login activities, and even delete your account permanently. Read on to find out how to perform each action step-by-step.

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Edit Basic Information

 1. Select Account on the left navigation menu, and then click Settings.

Or select the profile picture in the top-right corner, and click Settings.

 2. Hit Basic information. You can view your own details, such as full name and email address. You can also edit the following information as necessary:

  • Profile image
  • Full name
  • Country 
  • Company
  • Industry 

 3. Once done, hit the Save Changes button.

Change Password

1. To reset your password, then Select Password.

2. Provide your current password, enter a new password, and then confirm it. The password should contain 8 characters, with at least 1 upper-case, 1 lower-case, and 1 numeric character. Once finished, click Save changes.

3. If you have forgotten your original password, then click "Forget your password?" to recover it.

Confirm your login email account and click Recover password. CocoSign will send a link to your email for changing your password.

Configure Time Zone Preferences

1. Click Preferences in the left pane.

2. Click the Time Zone section and select your preferred time zone.

3. If you wish to change the date format, then click the Date Format section to display a drop down. Select your country, either United States or United Kingdom, and then choose your preferred date format.

4. Once satisfied, hit Save changes.

Enable 2-Step Verification

Setting up a 2-step verification provides an extra layer of protection to your account. You will be able to access your account only after providing your password and an authentication code. 

1. Click Two-step verification in the left pane.

2. Before enabling the feature, you will need to enter your account password to help us verify it’s you. Then, click Set up to proceed.

3. You will receive the code in your Google or Microsoft Authenticator app. Then, input the code in the space provided. You can also use the authenticator apps to scan the QR code directly.

View Login Logs

1. Hit Login logs.

2. View the account history, including details about the browser, IP addresses, login location, and time and date of your recent activity.

Delete Account

You can follow the steps below to delete your account permanently.

1. Choose Delete account in the left pane.

2. Enter your account password first so that we know it’s you, and click Verify.

3. Check the box next to Confirm that I want to delete my account.

4. Click Delete my account. And it’s done. 

Note: Deleting your CocoSign account cannot be undone.

That’s all! Just follow the steps above to view and manage all of your account settings in one place. Stay in control of your CocoSign account with ease.

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