Set Up Your Signature

Desired to complete your document with a nice style e-signature? With CocoSign, you are offered three options to set and optimize your signature. Store your signature in a digital format and use it anytime you need it, very convenient! Nicely-designed auto-generated signature also establishes and reinforces who you are as a company.  

Setting up your e-signature:

1. On your CocoSign dashboard, hover the user icon at the top-right of your screen and click the My Signatures tab in the drop-down. 

You can also click Account on the left navigation panel, and then choose Signature.

2. In the Saved Signatures section, click Create Signature in the Signature field, and a Create New Signature window will pop up. 

3. Select your preferred signing method from the three provided options, Type, Draw, or Upload

Here are the differences between the three methods:
a) By typing your signature, you can pick your favorite font styles and customize the Size, Color, Slope and Slant of the signature. This method requires the least amount of effort on your part. Once satisfied, click Create Signature

b) If you prefer drawing your signature, tap Draw. You need to draw your signature on the screen with a mouse, stylus, or your finger. You can adjust the Color, Width, and Slope to your liking. Then hit the Create Signature button.   

c) You can upload an image of your hand-written signature. Click Upload to add the image file (less than 500KB) from your computer drives through file explorer, and then click Create Signature to complete the process.

Note: A signature doesn’t need to be your full name, and initials can also qualify as a valid signature. To create your initial, click Create Initial and choose your preferred method to generate one.

In this guide we have explained how to set up a signature with CocoSign. Go to CocoSign’s dashboard this instant to customize your personalized signatures or initials. 

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