Billing Status

If you’re not sure about the billing status of your CocoSign account or you want to upgrade the plan to activate more features, this guide can be helpful. You will also learn how to change the payment method and use another debit/credit card to pay for the subscription fee.

To confirm your subscription details, go to your dashboard and click your avatar and choose Billing, or choose Account - Billing on the left-side panel.

Overview of Billing

At the Billing section, you can check the following details:

  • Your current plan
  • Total amount per year (the amount you need to pay for your subscription plan annually)
  • Renewal date (starting date of your next billing cycle)
  • Numbers of downloadable documents and downloaded documents (Professional plan and above can download unlimited documents)
  • Total seats within your plan and used seats

If you intend to upgrade your subscription plan, click the Upgrade button and you will be navigated to the pricing page. You can have a look at the features of each plan and decide which plan to buy. 

If you need to add extra seats in your plan, click Add Seats beside your seats status. 

You will be notified of the fee you’re going to pay for the new seat. You can change the number of seats you would like to add and estimate the fee. Hit Confirm once you make your decision.

Payment Method

You will be charged at the renewal date of your plan or when your balance exceeds the usage threshold. To change your payment method, click Change to continue.

You can change a credit/debit card or use PayPal to pay your bill. Select any payment method you prefer.

We hope this guide can resolve your confusion about CocoSign billing. If you still have questions, contact us:

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