View All Your Documents in Detail

Want to know the signing progress of all your documents? Want to keep your document workflow well organized with ease? Simply click the button Documents, and you get to view various details of your documents such as their names, latest updates, status, recipient info, and many others. By clicking different tabs on the top bar, you get to see how many documents are waiting to be signed by you or others, and how many have been completed. 


Your recipients will appear as an icon with their initials. But different colors of icons indicate different activities of recipients on your document. Hovering your mouse over their icons, you get to see which stage they are at: being Mailed, Viewed, or Signed the document. 

Grey recipient icons: Recipients have completed your documents.

Colored recipient icons: Recipients have not completed your documents.


There are 7 types of document status in total: Draft, Voided, Expired, Completed, Declined, In Progress, Deleted. For unfinished documents, you even get to see how many recipients have signed already.

More actions

You can also perform other various activities on a single document. 


For documents that are still in Draft status, you can revise the signing fields, signing order, recipients, etc by clicking Edit in the action menu roll-down. 

Create a copy

You can create an unlimited number of document copies. The documents you have uploaded, along with the recipients' information, the fields assigned to your recipients, and other settings will also be copied. 


Download a document copy in the way it is now onto your local device by clicking Download in the action menu. 

Save as template

With a single click on this tab, you can save the document along with its signing groups and signing fields as a template for repeated use in the future. 

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Audit trail and history

You can check the timestamp, fingerprint, IP address of the signed document. The audit trail can serve as strong legal evidence for signing activities conducted on the document. 

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Change expiry date          

By utilizing this feature, you can extend the time when the document expires for signing, allowing for more flexibility for your recipients. And you don’t need to resend the document again. 

Learn how to set an expiration date

Send reminder 

CocoSign will help you send automated reminders to recipients who haven’t signed the document yet. 

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Generate signing link

If a recipient fails to receive your signature request via email, you can create a unique signing link for the document and share it with the recipient, who will be able to sign the document after opening the link. 

Learn more about how to create a document signing link

Move to

With this feature, you can move the document to a folder or a subfolder you have created. 

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You can void a sent document when it is no longer needed for signing. Fill in your reason and hit the button Void. The document would be recalled in a second. If you wish to reuse it, click Create a Copy and then you can initiate the signing process again.

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In case you no longer need a document, click Delete and the document will be erased from the Documents section. After 30 days, it would be permanently deleted. 

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Reorder files

Click the column heading Name or Last change to re-sort a list of your files.

Name: Sorts alphabetically by the file name. 

Last Change: Sorts by the date and time that a file was last updated.

Search files

By typing the document name in the search bar, you can locate and view it instantly.

That’s all! You can implement any of the actions above to manage your documents easily.

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