Embed a Form to a Website

You don’t need to learn any complex coding technique to put a form on your website, nor do you need an API of certain software that costs a lot. Simply use CocoSign’s embed form feature. It takes only a few minutes to get a form displayed on your website.

Here’s a quick guide to embedding a form on a website:

  1. Access Embed Function
  2. Copy Form Codes
  3. Adjust Form Size

1. Access Embed Function

After logging into your CocoSign account, click Form on the left-side panel of your dashboard. Select a form you’ve created and click Embed from the drop-down menu of Actions-More.

Note: If you haven’t prepared any forms yet, you can read this guide to learn how to create a form on CocoSign.

2. Copy Form Codes

CocoSign will automatically generate the form codes for you. If you need to embed the form in a website, just use the codes under the Embed into website tab. Click Copy Link, then you can paste it in the proper position of the targeted website HTML code.

You can preview the embedded form and check if your website displays the same effect, or see if you need to customize your branding.

Alternatively, if you want to put it on your content management system (CMS), click the Embed into WordPress tab and follow the steps as shown below. 

First, you need to switch to the Text mode in your CMS text editor. Then, you can get the WordPress code by just clicking the Copy Link button and paste it on the intended position of your website. Likewise, you can preview the effect of the form on your website and modify it.

3. Adjust Form Size

If you don’t like how the form looks on your website, you can adjust its size by clicking Setting under the code. From the drop-down menu, you can edit the width and height of the form. 

  • By choosing Responsive at the Width option, the width of your form will fit into the size of your website’s container, and the height will change accordingly.
  • If you select Proportional, you can adjust the aspect ratio to determine the proportion of width to height.
  • If Fixed is chosen, then you can set the width or height to a fixed size as required.  

Note: Don’t forget to copy the form codes again to replace the original code after you change the settings.

Embedding a form to your website can increase the presence of the form and facilitate information collection. Now you can try it yourself and see how effective it is!

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