How to Capture Signatures with a Form Link

After you’ve created a form, you can generate a signing link and quickly share it on your website, in chats and messengers, or via email. Signers can easily access and complete your form. This makes collecting data and signatures both professional and easy as pie. Here is how it works:

1. To get the URL to a form, you can copy it by clicking Copy Link on the window that appears after you save the form.

To access the URL to a form later, follow these steps: 

a) Go to the Forms section on your dashboard, locate the form you intend to share, and select the Share action from the More drop-down menu to the far right. 

b) Click Copy Link on the popup window to copy the form link. 

Your signing link is now copied to the clipboard.

2. Share the link with multiple recipients through a text or messaging app or via email or social media. You can also place the link on your website directly. Each recipient can fill and sign their copy of the form by clicking on the link.

3. The recipient is directed by the link to a page where he/she is required to provide his/her name and email address prior to accessing the form to be completed.

4. If you have selected email authentication during the form creation, a verification code is sent to the email provided by the recipient. The recipient can check the verification code in his/her inbox, then enter a valid verification code on the new page that appears.

5. Fill and sign the form by clicking on the fields.

6. The signer can choose to type, draw, or upload a signature. When typing, he/she can customize the signature by changing the font and its color, size, slant, and slope.

When done, click the Create Signature button.

7. When all the fields are filled, click on the COMPLETE button in the upper right corner.

After a recipient completes the form, both you and he/she will receive a PDF copy of the completed document as an attachment with an email notification.

If you choose to embed a form on your website to capture signatures, click here to learn about how to do it.

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